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Soon we will offer modern, high-quality website templates designed specially for internet businesses. Prices will be easily affordable, in the $20-$40 range.

Free Buttons

Studies have shown, again and again, that people like clicking on buttons. Given a choice, more people will click on a button than will click on a link.

Also, buttons tend to be easier to find, and more obvious, than text links. You want to make it easy and obvious for potential customers to buy and download, don't you? Buttons are a good way to do that. That's why we made this button set - easy, obvious and attractive buttons, that your customers will want to click on.

We have included blank buttons, in case you need a button for more than "Buy" and "Download". If you want to match what we did, use these settings:
FONT: Verdana
110x25 buttons: 14pt
150x36 buttons: 18pt
150x50 buttons: 19pt
1 pixel, black,
red buttons: 100%
white buttons: 20%
blue, orange, black: 50%

You can use these buttons royalty-free in any of your projects: on websites, in software, or anywhere else you might need buttons. And they are completely free, a gift from us to you. The only thing we ask is that you not distribute them as full sets without contacting us for permission.

And oh yeah, the buttons are in PNG format, and look great with Vista and Windows 7 (and even Mac). Now, if you didn't click on the big red "Download" button at the top of this page and want to download this free button set, click on one of these:

Marketing & Design Info

Every week or so, we publish articles about internet marketing and website design issues. Some recent subjects were:
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