Website Templates

Soon we will offer modern, high-quality website templates designed specially for internet businesses. Prices will be easily affordable, in the $20-$40 range.

Website Design

Custom websites designed for your business, your customers, and your taste.

Our latest project is Gamecraft Central for Minecraft stuff. This website is a work in progress (as of January 2014).

We can start new, or work from an existing website. Making over old websites to have an updated, modern look is especially fun.

The process for your new website design typically starts with email, but can also include telephone consultations. Once we have decided to work together and the initial payment is received, you will be sent a simple questionnaire. Your answers help determine the style and type of website design that will work best for you.

We then work up a concept in graphics software. Concepts are shown as JPGs that you can view in your browser. Once a concept is agreed upon, we will take it into CSS and HTML (and sometimes Javascript and/or PHP, too).

Custom designs start at $2500.00 (USD), which includes blank templates in the new design, and your home page done in the new design. Each additional webpage completed in the new design costs approximately $500.00, depending on content. New or updated logos are priced separately. Payment is typically 1/2 up front, and 1/2 upon completion.

For more information or to discuss a possible project, please contact Susan at

Ad Tracking Software

Coming later this year, software to track advertising effectiveness. Learn which of your ads generate sales, and which ads don't.

Marketing & Design Info

New internet marketing and website design articles are posted occasionally in our Articles section.

We apologize

February 10, 2012   We have been so busy working on other people's websites that we haven't had a chance to work on our own. We are sorry everything isn't done yet, but we're hoping it will be soon. Please sign up to be notified when we have our new web templates, marketing software and new articles available.
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